07 portfolio portrait

Noelle is a Communications and Media Studies student from The University of Wollongong. She works with a wide range of media including videography, coding, and photography.

Noelle applies her skills on Adobe Premiere Pro, Fireworks and Photoshop, she also likes to utilise simple programs like Audacity and Hindenburg.

She expresses her concepts through black and white visuals, intensified lighting and extended overlapping projection which creates intense and chaotic works. Noelle does not work to any set scale when presenting her art pieces in a gallery space, from very small projects hung accordingly in the space to large life-size projections, this allows for unique and intensified refrains. She strongly believes the presentation of her pieces within the gallery is a key component to the interpretation and representation of themes presented and explored.

Noelle is passionate about videography and coding, although these two media practices vary dramatically, it allows for Noelle to practice and present works that are distinctive and demonstrate diverse themes and concerns.

While creating her designs, Noelle likes to utilise a single individual and use multiple layers and textures within her work, by creating multiple layers in her videography/film work it allows for distorted, chaotic and intensified viewing. By stepping away from conventional and ‘clean’ works it allows for her to step into a dark and multi plat-formed medium.

Noelle has drawn inspiration from artists such as Vera Molnar, Sol LeWitt and William Raban throughout her three years of study.